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Here you have the opportunity to download brochures and catalogs as well as technical datasheets on machines and attachments.
If there are products you do not find material on, then of course you are always welcome to contact us.

Catalogs & Campaigns

VITRA Main Catalog

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VITRA Spring Campaign 2020

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VITRA 2030B Economy

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VITRA 2037 Economy

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VITRA 2045 Trend

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VITRA 2050 Optimizer

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VITRA 2067 Optimizer Stage 3B

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Mulching mower


Front Shovel

Combi spreader

Bulk spreader

Rotary mower

Flail mower


Triplex mower

Drop spreader


Vitra Trailer

Vitra Snow Sweeper

Vitra Sweeping Suction unit

Vitra Sweeping Suction unit - New Front

Vitra Grass collector

Vitra HeatWater

Vitra Truck Bed

Vitra Leaf Collector

WeedControl Trolley

WeedControl Air

WeedControl Variator

WeedControl CombiCompackt Pro

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With its flexibility and superior strength, Vitra is the perfect multi-machine
for all kind of tasks - year-round. So why have one machine for each of the
season's tasks, when you with a Vitra, can easily handle all of them?

Vitra's universal mounting systems ensure easy and fast mounting of the many
different attachment options so there is virtually no task Vitra cannot solve!


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