Full support - also after the trade

When you buy a Vitra, you buy a tool carrier with one of the longest service intervals on the market.
On the standard machine, you can run a full 500 hours or up to a whole year between each service visit.
When it is time for service, great service friendliness is taken into consideration in the design of the machine.

There is always a local dealer near you who is ready to service you and your Vitra.
For us, it is important that the customer has full support - even after the trade.



There is always a Vitra service partner near you

In collaboration with our strong dealer team, we can offer service partners
across the country. Therefore, there is always a dealer near you who is ready
when service of your Vitra tool carrier or attachment is required.

Alle vores forhandlere  er nøje udvalgte og har alle gennemgået intensiv
oplæring i Vitra inden de selv tager over som autoriseret servicepartner.
– men de er aldrig helt alene.

De har nemlig altid fuld opbakning fra os her på fabrikken – både med teknisk
bistand, løbende uddannelse, og direkte adgang til online reservedels bestilling
og hurtig ekspedition, så du og din Vitra hurtig er kørende igen.

..and service pays off

For if the prescribed service intervals are met, by an authorized service partner and with original spare parts, the factory provides a 2-year warranty on the machine and a full 5-year warranty on the powertrain up to a maximum of 2500 operating hours.

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With its flexibility and superior strength, Vitra is the perfect multi-machine
for all kind of tasks - year-round. So why have one machine for each of the
season's tasks, when you with a Vitra, can easily handle all of them?

Vitra's universal mounting systems ensure easy and fast mounting of the many
different attachment options so there is virtually no task Vitra cannot solve!


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