High requirements for outdoor cleaning.

Sweeping, sweeping with removal of dirt, washing or flushing, the requirements are many and with Vitra's groundbreaking sweeping suction system as the main tool, Vitra has the solution for virtually all cleaning tasks, whether the task is to collect litter material after the winter,
weed control, or cleaning of paths, pedestrian plazas, etc.

Thanks to its unique cyclone system, the Vitra sweeping suction system has the most
powerful of the class and a truly unique cleaning of the air being blown out.
And without any time-consuming filter change.

The efficient cleaning of the air that is blown out also means that up to 60% less water
is used for dust absorption, which not only protects the environment, but also gives direct
savings both on water and on the disposal of the waste, which contains much less water.

The suction system can also be combined with various water flushing and
floor washing systems, for road washing or cleaning of glossy coatings.

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Vitra’s modelprogram bygger på stærkt og fleksibelt resultatet af 20 års
erfaring og et tæt samarbejde med kunder og leverandører, hvor det
ofte er de små detaljer som gør hele forskellen.

Samlet set giver det fem stærke og fleksible Vitra modeller med hver
deres individuelle egenskaber, specielt tilpasset til den enkelte kunde.

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