Attachments to any kind of green maintenance.

Whether your daily tasks in green care include golf and ball court care, roadside maintenance,
hedge trimming or eco-friendly weed control - or maybe even a mix of the various tasks,
with Vitra, you will definitely find an effective solution.

The wide range of attachments offers a great deal of flexibility and when the attachments
are mounted on Vitra, the driver will at the same time be able to work efficiently and in
comfortable surroundings and with good comfort.

Vitra's superior strength, combined with its professional attachments,
make it the perfect partner for the sometimes demanding
tasks of maintaining green care in the green sector.

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Vitra’s modelprogram bygger på stærkt og fleksibelt resultatet af 20 års
erfaring og et tæt samarbejde med kunder og leverandører, hvor det
ofte er de små detaljer som gør hele forskellen.

Samlet set giver det fem stærke og fleksible Vitra modeller med hver
deres individuelle egenskaber, specielt tilpasset til den enkelte kunde.

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